A Systematic Mapping review to Remote Data Integrity Verification Systems for Cloud Computing


  • Bassam Hindy Hameed Computer Department, Collage of science, University of Diyala, Iraq
  • Ghassan Sabeeh Mahmood Computer Department, Collage of science, University of Diyala, Iraq




Cloud computing, Remote data integrity verification, RDIV systems, Data security, Cryptographic techniques, Merkle trees, Verification mechanisms, Cloud-based IoT, Systematic mapping, Data integrity, Cloud storage.


Cloud computing has totally changed the way information is put away and gotten to. However, it has moreover raised concerns, approximately the security and astuteness of that information. In arrange to address these concerns and make beyond any doubt that information put away on untrusted cloud servers remains solid and unaltered Remote Data Integrity Verification (RDIV) frameworks have ended up significant. This term paper presents a mapping think about of Inaccessible Data Integrity Confirmation frameworks within the setting of cloud computing. Its objective is to distinguish existing investigate categorize it reveal patterns and shed light on regions for inquire about.

In the digital landscape, the Internet of Things (IoT) has created new opportunities and challenges as everyday objects are becoming interconnected, collecting large volumes of data. We interact with our surroundings and manage data in a whole new way thanks to cloud computing and IoT, which work in symbiotic harmony. Data generated by IoT devices can be harnessed and processed using cloud computing's robust infrastructure. Furthermore, IoT expands the reach of cloud computing to include a myriad of smart devices, sensors, and actuators that are all interconnected.

By conducting a search handle, we have assembled a collection of inquire about papers and scholarly articles that particularly center on RDIV frameworks in cloud computing. These distributions were carefully analyzed utilizing incorporation and prohibition criteria to classify the Remote Data Integrity Verification frameworks based on their fundamental methods cryptographic strategies utilized, confirmation instruments utilized and sending models connected.

By synthesizing the comes about, this paper highlights current investigate trends and gives experiences into potential inquire about crevices within the field of Remote Data Integrity Verification frameworks for cloud computing. We talk about the require for upgraded scalability and execution optimization to bolster large-scale cloud arrangements successfully. Besides, we recognize the require for assist investigation of privacy-preserving Remote Data Integrity Verification procedures to ensure sensitive information from unauthorized introduction.


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