Enhancement of Concrete Properties using Steel Fibers - Review

  • Islam Abdullah Aziz Mechatronics Department, Engineering College ,Mosul University, Iraq
  • Khalaf Ibrahem Mohammed Civil Department, Engineering College , Mosul University, Iraq
الكلمات المفتاحية: Compressive Strength, Steel fibers, Shear, Splitting Stress, Flexure


Concrete is one of the most widely used building materials in the world. However, one of the undesirable properties of concrete as a brittle material is its low tensile strength and ability to flex. This brittle behavior leads to sudden failure without warning. Therefore it requires reinforcement in order to be used as a building material on a large scale, this reinforcement is in the form of continuous steel bars that are placed in the concrete structure at the appropriate locations to withstand the imposed tensile and shear stresses. On the other hand, they are generally short, discontinuous, and randomly distributed throughout the concrete member to produce a composite building material known as FRC. From this point of view, this review came to clarify the practical benefit of using this technology to inform researchers and workers in the construction sector about it and to provide modern sources for those wishing to conduct more research in the field of strengthening the mechanical properties of concrete in addition to the benefits of using steel fibers in improving the bending and shearing of concrete beams.


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