Pre-Reset the R/W Head to Zero Track in SCAN and C-SCAN Disk Scheduling Algorithm


  • Assist. Professor Ahmed Mohamed Malallah Computer Engineering Department, Al-Farabi University College, Iraq



SCAN, C-SCAN, Scheduler, algorithm, Seek-Time, increasing throughput, response time


According to a high gap between the bounded developments in disk scheduling algorithms in contrast to processor speed and memory capacity developments, so successive improving disk scheduling algorithms is almost needed to reduce the overall time consuming of system performance.

To enhance both traditional SCAN and C-SCAN algorithms is the goal of this research, so, rather than the best Seek-Time obtained from traditional (SCAN and C-SCAN) algorithms, the idea behind this proposal "Pre-Reset the R/W Head to Zero Track in SCAN and C-SCAN Disk Scheduling Algorithm" is to enhance the traditional algorithms and gaining the optimal performance time by having the optimal Seek-Time.

It is worthily mentioned that the evaluation of the performance of the new strategy in this algorithm was tested by scientific criteria to ensure gaining the optimal algorithm compering with the traditional strategy.


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