Design and Implementation of an Intelligent Parking System (ISPS) With Laser Security System (LSS)


  • Arwa A. Moosa Network Engineering Department, Al-Iraqia University, Iraq
  • Mays Afif Anaee Electrical Engineering Department, Al-Iraqia University, Iraq



Smart parking system, Fiber-Optic vibration system, laser trigger circuit, rotary parking system, car plate number recognition


      In order to solve one of the most important problems, especially in a large and crowded city like Baghdad, is finding an empty and secure car parking space.  In this work, an intelligent Smart Parking System (ISPS) has been investigated and developed by providing information about the empty lots and helping the driver to get to his parking spot with a rotary parking system to reduce the traffic in the parking area. The ISPS Park implements a car number plate recognition system as a security system for car identification. Moreover, for increased security, a fence with a Fiber-Optic vibration system has also been used to prevent any object from entering a parking space without a license. The ISPS was run with the pre-programmed controller to make minimum human involvement in the parking system to ensure access control in restricted places. Matlab with Arduino tools has been used for the car plate number recognition process and car entering control. The system shows that using RFID for entering and leaving is so fast and informative. A Fiber SenSys program has been used with the Alarm Processing Unit (APU) to prevent any unlicensed person from trying to cut, climb or crawl under a fence.


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