License Plate Recognition Technique (LPRT) in Smart LED Street Lighting

  • Arwa A. Moosa Network Engineering. Department, Al- Iraqia University, Iraq
  • Hussein A. Hussein Network Engineering. Department, Al- Iraqia University, Iraq
  • Ali R. Hassan Network Engineering. Department, Al- Iraqia University, Iraq
  • Taha Y. Ghassan Network Engineering. Department, Al- Iraqia University, Iraq
الكلمات المفتاحية: Car license recognition, Smart Street, IR sensor, Arduino, Servo motor, Arduino- Matalb tools optoelectronics


License plate recognition (LPRT) in Smart Street is one of the most important technique in our daily life due its highly security and economic efficiency system. This system is plays a vital role in security applications which include road traffic monitoring, street activity monitoring, identification of potential threats, and so on. Beside to the integrates system technologies which is to control energy efficient of the LED street lights to turn on only when needed and to remain in a dim state otherwise.

Paper targets is to detect and recognize license plates from image in a real time. This will help to identify and register vehicles and provide the reference for further vehicle tracking and activity analysis. license plate detection approach has two major steps. First, extract a certain features which encode by the image. Second, develop a matching network that decide wither the car should be pass or not.  Another key requirement for the network is to have low set up and maintenance costs by using a smart LED street lighting which is a direct objective of this project.

This project mainly introduced by using IR sensors for turning the light on & off.  Morphological operations, Edge detection techniques and numbers segmentation have been used for plate localization characters. This characters and numbers was extract and match with a stored data base in the recognition process. Experiment results was accomplished and reviewed using Matlab program, Arduino microprocessor and their connections tools.


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