E-Learning Network System Design and Analysis

  • Zaid Hashim Jaber Department of Computer Science, College of Science, Baghdad University, Iraq
  • Hayder Ayad Dawood College of Business Administration , Albayan University, Iraq
  • Mamoun Jassim Mohammed Department of Computer Engineering , College of Engineering Al-Iraqia University, Iraq
الكلمات المفتاحية: E-Learning Network, LMS


E-learning system implies skill and knowledge transference in a computerized and networking-based way. Technologies have started to create a difference in education. Accordingly, many universities have adopted learning management system (LMS) to enhance both teaching and learning processes. Mostly, LMS is used in student registration, the delivery and tracking of e-learning courses and content, and in testing as well. However, building such a learning system might lead to encounter certain issues related to scalability, management, and security. The proposed network design has been set to solve such problems. Basically, to manage the accounts’ accessibility and privileges, the domain controller server has been used.  Network segmentation is proposed to separate the network into multiple broadcast domains to avoid problems related to broadcast like that of a broadcast storm. Lastly, to achieve the scalability, VPN secured tunnels are used to connect several far distance sites through the Internet.


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