Study the Effectiveness of Sequential Probability Ratio Test in detection DDoS Attacks against SDN


  • Basheer Husham Ali Department of Computer Engineering, AL-Iraqia University, Baghdad, Iraq



Sequential Probability Ratio, detection DDoS Attacks, SDN


In traditional networks, switches and routers are very expensive, complex, and inflexible because forwarding and handling of packets are in the same device. However, Software Defined Networking (SDN) makes networks design more flexible, cheaper, and programmable because it separates the control plane from the data plane. SDN gives administrators of networks more flexibility to handle the whole network by using one device which is the controller. Unfortunately, SDN faces a lot of security problems that may severely affect the network operations if not properly addressed. Controllers of SDN and their communications may be subjected to different types of attacks. DDoS attacks on the SDN controller can bring the network down. In this research, we studied effectiveness of sequential probability ratio method in identifying the compromised switched interface and detecting Distributed Denial of services (DDoS) attacks that are targeted the controller of Software Defined Network (SDN). We implemented the detection method and evaluated the performance of the method using publicly available DARPA datasets. Finally, we found that SPRT has the highest accuracy and F score and detect almost all DDoS attacks without producing false positive and false negative.


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